Northwest Area APDA
2011 Spring Meeting
Billings, Montana

May 16 - 19, 2011
Billings Hotel & Convention Center
Host North Western Energy

***** Northwest Area Officers Present *****
President: Greg Rahn - AESO
Vice President: John Schaffroth - CHPD
Secretary: Arlen Simon - DOPD
Treasurer: Chris MCDarment - CHPD
Trustee: Dave Bennett - BCTC

***** APDA Members Present *****

Bobbie Roberts - NWE Daniel Fedchun - BPA Chris Sanford - BPA
Mathew Barnes - PSE Daren Wilkie - AESO Tim Loepker - BPA
Larry Fenhaus - CHPD Gordon Kraft - AESO Terry Enmark - AESO
Michelle Wyne - Tesla Kevin Bakker - WECC RC Vancouver John Bartley - Transpower
New Zealand
Henry Strong - Transpower
New Zealand

The meeting was held at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center May 16-19, 2011. The NW area business meeting was called to order by President Greg Rahn (AESO). 23 members attended the business meeting

***** Previous Meeting Minutes *****

Minutes of the Fall 2010 meeting were read by Arlen Simon (DOPD); Bobbie Roberts (NWE), moved to accept the minutes as read and Terry Enmark (AESO) seconded.


The Committee and President Greg Rahn reported that the group had only received one letter for this year’s scholarship.  There was discussion on how to energize the Area Contacts, as with the membership only small percentages have students graduating annually.  Bobbie Roberts, (NWE), motioned to extend,  this year only, the Scholarship application date to June 15, 2011.  Chris McDarment, (Chelan PUD), seconded and the motion passed.  Chris sent a note out to the Area Contacts.

***** Correspondence *****


***** Report of Area Secretary *****

Area Contacts and data base has been optimized by the Treasurer and Secretary.

***** Report of Area Treasurer *****

Membership is static.  Some dues are still coming in.  The last four groups/units have been contacted and “the checks are in the mail”.  Sierra Pacific personal, (Reno Office) working for NV Energy, want to stay in the NW APDA area.  There is approximately Twenty Five Thousand in the account of which roughly six thousand will be sent to National for their portion of this year’s dues.  Chris made the balance sheet available to membership, and discussed ensued with the group. Four hundred forty dollars in from the Raffle additional to the Scholarship fund.

***** Report of Area Trustee *****

Dave Bennett (BCTC) gave a report on the national meetings. The next National meeting is scheduled in Bloomington, MN, September 8 - 10, 2011.  

Freshman in collage can apply for the National Scholarship.

National is working on a Face Book forum.  Contact National for more information.

***** Report of Nominating Committee*****


***** Report of Area President *****

Greg Rahn led discussion on the NZ TransPower meeting next Spring.  Thanking the NZ personal for their Endeavour.  He informed Henry Strong and John Bartley that the NW area would be represented.

He praised Bobbie and John S for all the work put into the meeting.  There was much appreciation for John putting on the Electronic Scheduling training.  No comment on the “Jeopardy” winners. 

*****Report from the Vice President*****

John Schaffroth thanked Bobbie Roberts and NWE for hosting the meeting. Membership should realize that a successful meeting requires much more time than one thinks.

***** Report from the Committees *****

Shirt Committee – Chairman, Jim Wilson (GCPD) sent a nice array of shirts to the meeting which were well received. Any requests should be sent to Chris McDarment for the time being. New product and sizes will be made available at the next meeting.

Scholarship Committee – Date for applications extended to June 15, 2011

Nominating Committee – Bobbie Roberts (NWE) and Dave Bennett (BCTC) had nothing to report.

***** Unfinished Business *****

The group had discussion on the NWAPDA account growing.  Dues have been lowered in the years past.  A second scholarship was discussed. Chris, (Chelan), discussed longevity awards to the membership.  Example idea of pins for five, ten, fifteen ECT years. The body seemed to think it was a low priority.  Terry Enmark, (AESO) made a motion to send all members a USB stick with NWAPDA logo on it.  Motion was passed by Henry Strong, (NZTransPower).  Chris McDarment and Arlen Simon will facilitate and send the end result to the board.  Two Thousand dollar limit was placed on the project.

***** New Business *****

Discussed sponsors and possibly placing their logo on the meeting agenda page.

Discussion was had on integrating the Business Meeting into the class time for better attendance. John Schaffroth will make contact with the SWAPDA group on scheduling the Business Meetings to the beginning of the schedule for better attendance.  Greg Rahn (AESO) and other again brought up that the full breakfast as was provided at the 2010 FortisBC/Kelowna meeting improved attendance at the Business meeting.

Greg Rahn (AESO) mentioned that the Fall meeting was to be a joint meeting with the SWAPDA in Las Vegas again.  It is in scheduling process presently.  Partial information as follows:  Meeting to be held at Harrah’s on the Strip October 31st through November 3rd.   Sandra Dewees, (NV Energy), is again in charge of the scheduling of the fracas.  He also mentioned that the 2012 spring meeting closer than we think.  It will be hosted by Transpower NZ in Wellington, New Zealand so travel arrangements should be made as early as possible for economic purpose. CEHs will be provided.  (See NWAPDA website for full information)

***** Report of Accident and Sickness *****

A discussion was held on the Transpower meeting and how to support it.  Henry Strong, (NZ TransPower) said their General Manager will write a letter to your Company if requested.  At the 2010 Fall meeting Sharon Traynor, (FortisBC), then suggestion that each shop to have a pool of funds amongst the membership to help support sending a member. Again numerous people suggested that the Company’s at the least should support at a regular Airline fare and the normal hotel, registration and foods.

Long Standing Member Ken Noggles, (Grant), wife passed away.
Our thoughts are with you.

***** Good of the Association *****

“50” year retirement for Gordon Rawling of BC Hydro  Gordon has been a member of NWAPDA since 1977

Tesla as always much appreciated in their support.

The NWAPDA board thanks NWPP, (Jerry Rust and ChaRee DiFabio), for the Reserve Sharing Program and Voltage Issues training provided.


Greg Rahn, John Schaffroth, Chris McDarment, Arlen Simon and Dave Bennett thanked all that came.  There was much appreciation to Bobbie and John for keeping this meeting on the Schedule.  Again Registration was slow and NWPP almost canceled for lack of registration several weeks before the meeting.  It is known that all are busy but “Timeliness is next to Godliness”

“Keep the light on and your feet up on the desk”

Respectfully submitted
Arlen Simon - Treasurer

PS: Please, Accept apologizes for the incomplete Members Present, the attendance list was accidently shredded with NERC CIP Confidential documents, hence the tardiness of this report.  At least you know you were secure!!!