Northwest Area APDA
2007 Spring Meeting Portland, Oregon

June 20-21, 2007
Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
Host BPA

***** Northwest Area Officers Present *****
President: Doug Krust - CHPD
Secretary: Rick Krumpeck - BPA
Trustee: Dave Bennett - BCTC

***** APDA Members Present *****

JD Schriver - DOPD Scott Downey - PAC Kathy Downey - PAC
James Morrison - PAC Dave Hathaway - WPSC Bob Wesselink - PGE
Richard Belt - PSE Tim Loepker - BPA Rick Hall - BPA
Rick Rudd - BPA Al Bocanegra - BPA Sandra Littleton - BPA
Erica Simpson - BCTC Mike Buct - BCTC Bobbie Roberts - NWE
John Schaffroth - PAC Steve Hannons - BPA Bill MacBean - BPA
Pila Meininger - BPA Don Slater - PAC Chris Vannen - Altalink
Greg Rahn - AESO Shelby Burchett - DOPD Michael Smith - CHPD
Ken Noggles - GCPD Joe Miller - BPA Matt Sadinsky - SOS
Bob Kaster - EWEB Marv Hahb - Neveda Power

***** Secretary's Report *****

Minutes of the Fall 2006 meeting in Denver, Colorado were read by Rick Krumpeck and accepted as read.


Mallory Trtek was awarded the 2007 NWAPDA $500.00 Scholarship. She was selected from three very qualified applicants based on the criteria set forth from the Scholarship Guidelines.  Mallory is Gary Trtek’s daughter, Gary is employed at PGE. She will be attending Oregon State University. A $500. 00 check will be sent to Oregon State in Mallory’s name. Congratulations Mallory!!

***** Correspondence *****

Doug Krust received a thank you card from Mallory Trtek, the 2007 Scholarship Recipient

***** Report of Area Treasurer *****

Submitted by Arlen Simon NW Area Treasurer

***** Report of Area Trustee *****

The Northwest and Southwest areas held a joint fall meeting in Denver, Colorado on September 19th – 21st, 2006 at the Holiday Inn in downtown Denver.

Highlights of the training agenda:
·        NERC functional model update – Kevin Conway
·        Restoration Philosophies – Michele Wynne
·        Control Performance Standards – Michele Wynne
·        Short Term Wind Forecasting – Tesla Forecasting
·        Power Generation – Applied Professional Training
·        Power Transfer and Stability – Applied Professional Training

On the social agenda, many attended a Colorado Rockies baseball game, APD at the Overland Golf Course, and the APDA banquet, held at the Holiday Inn.

The APDA National Officers meeting was held from 1530-1645 on Sept 19th.

The APDA NW Area business meeting was held at 1300 on Sept 20th.

The APDA National business meeting was held from 1530-1630 on Sept 20th.

The APDA NW currently has 176 regular paid, 25 life, 27 new, and 7 associate members, total 235.

The APDA NW Fall and National meeting is scheduled be held at the Red Lion River Inn, Spokane, WA, September 19-20, 2007  hosted by Avista Utilities. The Spring 2008 meeting is in Portland, hosted by PGE.

The NWPP dispatchers’ training session, usually held in conjunction with the APDA NW Spring meeting, was scheduled to be held in Portland at the 2007 Spring Meeting, but cancelled by the NWPP due to ‘lack of volunteers’.

***** Report of Area President *****

Thanks to Rick Hall  and BPA for putting on this meeting.  Thanks to SOS and Tesla for sponsoring the meeting and thanks to everyone for attending.

Vice President Terry Enmark from AESO has resigned as Vice President due to medical issues. A new Vice President will be elected today.  I wish Terry a speedy recovery.

APDA Banner – Thank you to Danny Bucklin from the Southeast area for getting the banner.

Database update – I’ve been working with Marck Robinson from Power Data Corporation and the new database is partially on the web and should be completed in the next month or so.

Coffee Mugs – Everyone should have received one.  If you did not, let me know.  Additional mugs are available at a cost of $4.00.

Retirements – Mike Lackner from USBR grand Coulee has retired, Miguel Rodriguez will be the new contact person at Grand Coulee.

New Names – Avista Energy ( the marketing function) is now owned by Shell.  The new name will be Coral.

I want to thank Arlen Simon for his patience on the database overhaul and for staying on top on the dues.  

Thanks to Gayle Taylor for her diligence in maintaining the web page.  

Reminder to future hosting utilities – There are now some helpful hints for hosting a meeting on the webpage.  They are located under the meeting schedule section.  The board is there to help but the meeting arrangements and agenda are the responsibility of the hosting utility.

At the Fall meeting 1 or 2 board position will be vacated.  President and Treasurer.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, or have somebody to nominate.  Contact a Nominating Committee Member.  Bobbie Roberts, Jack Jensen, or Ron Roy.

***** Report from the Committees *****

Scheduling – We have an open slot for the 2009 Fall meeting, due to Snohomish choosing not to participate.  Any company that may be interested in hosting please contact Doug Krust or Kevin Conway.  There is a possibility of an all area meeting in Las Vegas in 2008.  We will keep you posted.  

Scholarship – We need one more person for the committee, Rick Hall has Volunteered to join . Scholarship submission date will be moved to April 01.

Promotional – Scott Downey has volunteered to work with is committee.

***** Unfinished Business *****


***** New Business *****

Nominations for Vice President  were held.  Scott Downey, - PAC, Rick Hall – BPA, Greg Rahn – AESO .  Greg Rahn was elected to NWAPDA Vice President.

***** Report of Accident and Sickness *****

Jim Dodge – PSE retired, Passed Away.

Doug Parker – PGE retired, Passed away.

Terry Enmark – AESO, Ill

***** Good of the Association *****

A motion was made to make funds available to defray up front costs for future conference fees only.  $1000.00 will be paid to the hosting utility if requested.

Motion Passed.

In Closing – Let’s try and keep attendance up.  Be sure to thank your bosses for their support to the APDA.  Any ideas for improving attendance will be considered.

The Fall 2007 NWAPDA meeting will be hosted by Avista and located in Spokane, Wa. The dates are scheduled for September 19, 20, 2007.  There is a posting on the NWAPDA Website for registration.  Contact person at Avista is Warren Maxvill.


“Keep the light on and your feet up on the desk”

Respectfully submitted
Rick Krumpeck-Secretary