Northwest Area APDA
2005 Spring Meeting Vancouver, BC

May 19, 2005
Hilton Metrotown
Host Utility BC Hydro & Power Authority

****Northwest Area Officers Present****
President: Al Gulutzen - AESO
Vice President: Robert Williams - PCW
Treasurer: Arlen Simon - DCPUD
Trustee: Bob Wesselink - PGE

****APDA Members Present****

Gary D Hardman-PCW (Retired) Allan Radcliff-Fortis, BC David Bennett-BCTC
Don Moore-Fortis, BC Erica Simpson-BCTC Jim Edger-AESO
Bobbie Roberts-NWE Nora Judd-SPPC Larry Wride-AVA
Curtis Holland-BPA Greg Grissom-BPA Martie Markey_CHPD
Gregory Campbell-PNSC Mark Glover-BCTC Rick Krumpeck-BPA
Warren Maxwell-AVA Rod Bynell-BCTC Mike Bucy-BCTC
Kevin Conway-GCPD Richard Belt-PSE Shelby Burchett-DCPD
Steve Pope-PSE Denise Hale-GCPD Ken Noggles-GCPD
Ron Knecke-TPWR


Minutes of the Fall 2004 meeting were read by Robert Williams (acting in place of Doug Krust, who was on vacation).

Minutes were approved with the necessary corrections.


Email correspondence from Doug Krust to the officers, requesting that Gayle Taylor receive some compensation for the work that she has done and for materials that she has purchased to complete required work on the NW Area Website. It was acknowledged that Gayle has done a great job as Log Editor and that she should be compensated.

 It was decided that Gayle should submit expenses that she has incurred for re-imbursement. The group acknowledged the work that she has done on the website and agreed that she should receive some form of recognition. A motion was made and seconded to solicit from Gayle the total of cost incurred and provide her with a re-imbursement. The motion passed. It was noted that we should offer our thanks to Gayle at the fall meeting in Wenatchee, as she was unable to attend this meeting.

Report of Area Treasurer

Submitted by Arlen Simon NW Area Treasurer

Report of Area Trustee

Submitted by Bob Wesselink, NW Area Trustee

The Spring National Meeting was held in conjunction with the Upper Midwest Area Meeting on May 13 -14, 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa and hosted by MidAmerican Energy and Muscatine Power.

Highlights of the meeting were technical sessions including a review of the August 14, 2003 Black Out and the NERC response, a presentation by John Theontonio on the NERC CE Program and the offering of NERC CE hours on phasors and on wind generation in the Midwest.

At the business meeting there was discussion on making additional ambassadors at large, deciding where to store the original National Banner, making a new national banner that is more portable, tax write offs for credits received, allowing students taking power system operations courses to become members, prior to working as dispatchers, the scholarship fund and other related topics that may be reviewed in the national minutes.

It was announced that the fall National Meeting will be held in conjunction with the NW Area Meeting in Wenatchee, WA, on September 14 – 16, 2005, hosted by Chelan, Douglas and Grant County PUDs

Report of Area President

Submitted by Al Gulutzan NW Area President

Al read the APDA Motto as a reminder of the basis for the establishment of this professional association –

A superior dispatcher is best defined as one who uses his/her excellent judgment to keep out of situations requiring the use of his/her superior skills!!!!

President Al Gulutzan announced that the NW Area will begin holding the national offices, beginning at the fall meeting in Wenatchee. The new national officers will be:

Bob Wesselink President
Bobbie Roberts Vice President
Kevin Conway Treasurer
Robert Williams Secretary

Report from the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee reported on the selection of officers for the upcoming year. Motions were made and seconded to nominate Rick Krumpeck as Vice President and Dave Bennett as Trustee. The motions carried. They will assume their responsibilities at the next fall meeting in Wenatchee.  Al Gulutzan, Arlen Simon, Doug Krust and Gayle Taylor will remain in their current offices. The NW Area officers will be:

Al Gulutzan
Rick Krumpeck Vice President
Arlen Simon Treasurer
Doug Krust Secretary
Dave Bennett Trustee
Gayle Taylor Log Editor

Motions were made and seconded to nominate Rick Krumpeck as Vice President and Dave Bennett as Trustee. The motions carried. They will assume their responsibilities at the next fall meeting in Wenatchee.

Unfinished Business


New Business

Report of Accident and Sickness

Randy Roberts of AESO (Alberta Electric System Operator) is on short term disability, following surgery. Flowers will be sent to him on behalf of the NW Area APDA.

Bob Wesselink reported the passing of two former PGE (Portland General Electric) members Jerry Lilly and Doug McIntosh. A moment of silence was held in their memory.

Good of the Association

There was a motion to lower the Canadian dues to $30.00, in light of the increase in value of the Canadian Dollar. It was seconded and carried.

 It was suggested that we have a NW Area APDA Banner made to display at the meetings. The motion was made, seconded and carried on the floor. There were some questions whether the banner could be displayed along with the NWPP Banner. It was decided that this will have to be discussed with the NWPP Staff, prior to the next joint meeting.

 BCTC was acknowledged for putting on a great meeting. The group expressed its appreciation for the continued support of  the sponsors Tesla Forecasting and Powerex.

 The fall meeting will be held in Wenatchee, Washington on September 14 – 16, 2005, hosted by Chelan, Douglas and Grant County PUDs.