Northwest Area APDA
2004 Spring Meeting Reno, Nevada

May 19 - 21, 2004
Host Utility Sierra Pacific

The meeting was called to order by President Al Gulutzan at 15:30 p.m., May 20, 2004. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

****Northwest Area Officers Present****
President Al Gulutzan - AESCO
Vice President: Robert Williams - PPOA
Secretary: Doug Krust - GCPD
Area Trustee Bob Wesselink - PGE

****APDA Members Present****

Mike Bucy BCTC David Benett BCTC Nora Judd SPPC
Bill Barcus TPWR Jack Jensen Snohomish PUD Jeff Jarrell GCPD
John Pfister SPPC Ken Noggels GCPD Tom Howard Avista Energy
Ron Roy CHPD Frank Lewis Snohomish PUD Richard Belt PSE
Rick Krumpeck BPA Michele Wynne Grid Services Dale Rey USBR
Matt Sadinsky SOS Intl Doug Krust CHPD Robert Williams PCW
Bobbie Roberts NWE Warren Maxvill AVA Gayle Taylor AVA
Robert Martin PCW Bob Wesselink PGE Al Gulutzan AESCO


Minutes of the Fall 2003 Northwest Area Meeting was read by Secretary Doug Krust. No corrections required and was approved as read.


None to report

Report of the President:
Al reminded everyone of the APDA motto. He mentioned the quality of the meetings keeps getting better and attendance numbers have been increasing, and he hopes for that to continue. He mentioned that we will be proactive in making sure that all meetings will meet the criteria for some NERC and/or WECC CE credits. Dispatchers are a greatly needed commodity due partially to the big outage in the east. He has arranged to have a link to the APDA website put on both the NWPP and the WECC websites.

Report of the Treasurer: Report read by Doug Krust and approved as read.

Report of the Trustee:
The national spring meeting was heal in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada on May 14, 2004 and was hosted by Manitoba Hydro. The question of continuing to print the log was discussed as were NECR Continuing Education credits. Report accepted as read.

Unfinished Business:
None to report

New Business:
1-Gayle Talyor-Up coming changes to the web page maintenance that were previously free will now cost about $200 a year.

2-Jack Jensen made a motion to send a letter to the national office recommending to have the log sent out electronically. Motion carried

3-Ron Roy made a motion to send a letter to all members (active and retired) to see if they (a) want to receive a log (b) receive minutes of meetings and (c) if receiving them electronically would be satisfactory. Motion carried

4-Robert Williams made a motion to make Matt Sadinsky an honorary APDA member for 2004 and that the Northwest APDA pay for the $27 membership fee. Motion carried.

Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death
Bob Wesselink mentioned the passing of Bob Stratton (Past National Treasurer)
A moment of silence was observed for Bob.

Reports from Nominations Committees
Nominations for national officers
Doug Krust, Al Gulutzan, Robert Williams, and Kevin Conway were nominated to hold national officer positions. Al Gulutzan and Doug Krust declined their respective nominations.
Opened nominations to the floor
-Bob Wesselink -President
-Bobbie Roberts-Vice President
-Robert Williams-Secretary
-Kevin Conway- Treasurer
Nominations were second and carried
A letter reflecting the slated officers will be sent to the national office.

-The fall 2004 meeting in Great Falls, Montana will be held September 16-18th 2004
-The spring 2005 meeting will be held in Vancouver, BC (date to be announced)

Good of the association:
-Thanks were given to Nora Judd and John Pfister for hosting a good meeting, and to Matt Sadinsky of
SOS, for contributing to the hospitality suite.

-Doug Krust thanked Gayle Taylor for all her help in keeping the web page up to date.

-Bob Wesselink made a motion to have 10 APDA shirts and hats brought to each meeting, for an order
form and for a link to the shirt company be put on the web page. Motion carried

-Dave Bennett requested a better spread sheet for making annual payments. Gayle Taylor commented that
a online form is available on the web page but not many people are using it.