Northwest Area APDA
2002 Spring Meeting Seattle, Washington

May 16 _ 18, 2002
Host Utility Puget Sound Energy

The meeting was called to order by President Robert Williams at 16:30 p.m., May 17, 2002. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

****Northwest Area Officers Present****
President: Robert Williams-PCW
Treasurer: Kevin Conway-GCPUD
Secretary: Al Gulutzan-PPOA

****APDA Members Present****

 Brian Harmon SPP  Al Gulutzan PpoA   Hale Hofmann PCW
 Mike Fenemore PNSC  Greg Lange GCPUD  Bernie O'Connell BPA
 Bobbie Roberts MPC  Rod Stuve EWEB  Keagen Kauzlaric TCL
 Dale Cox PGE  Richard Belt PSE  Mark Cambell PSE
 Dave Magnuson PSE  Mike Tounge PSE  Paul Ackerman PSE
 Robert Williams PCW  Jeanne Cozad BPA  Steve Pope PSE
 Kathryn Downey PCW  Celeste Maloy BPA  Kevin Lloyd PCW
 Scott Downey PCW  Dale Rey USBR  David Lacaille TCL
 Gayle Taylor AVA  Greg Mumford TCL  Brad Heilman SEL
 Don Slater BPA  Gary Davick TCL  Darren Wilkens PSE
 Ivan Doucette PpoA   Doug Krust CHPD  Kevin Holland Avista
 Kevin Conway GCPUD  Bob Wesselink PGE  


Minutes of the Fall 2001 Northwest Area Meeting held in Calgary were read. No corrections required. Richard Belt approved the minutes.


Correspondence: none to report


Report of the President: Robert mentioned that more support required.

Report of the Treasurer: Report read by Kevin Conway and approved as read.

Report of the Secretary:
Current Paid Members ­ 194
Life Members - 250
Total - 444 per the database. Kevin

Report of the Trustee:
Bob Wesselink attended the national meeting. The following are some of the highlights.

The Spring National Meeting was held in conjunction with the Southwest Area Meeting
on April 29 - May 1 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada and hosted by Nevada Power Company.

Tuesday May 17th's technical sessions consisted of the following:

Paralleling Distribution Transformers by Scott, Scott, & Scott of Nevada Power.

Energized Transmission and distribution maintenance, upgrade, & rebuild and some of the equipment available by PAR Electric.

Centennial Plan by Jack Byrom of Nevada Power.

Charlie Gray gave a talk on Control Area Operations involving ACE Calculation, Speed Droop, Tie line bias, inadvertent, etc.

Robin Podmore gave out free training CD's from Incremental Systems and talked about the need for improved Training methods with an emphasis on hands on Simulator training.

Dr. Chris Morris conducted a survey of the group to help establish and understand how people of different psychological profiles have different dietary needs.

Thanks were expressed to the Outgoing National Officers for their dedication and commitment to the betterment of the organization

The next national meeting will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on September 19 ­ 21 2002 and hosted by SaskPower.

Unfinished Business:
Kevin mentioned fall meeting Sept 19 and 20, 2002 in Spokane, Wash.

Cost of APDA name tags to remain the same with shortfall picked up NW APDA.

New Business:
Kevin Lloyd volunteered to check out vender for the possible sale of APDA memorabilia.

Robert Williams has a box of plaques so contact person to contact Robert Williams when plaques are required.

Doug Crust made a motion to have Canadian members pay in US funds. Motion was not passed, but M/S/C to defer to Fall meeting.

Richard Belt would like to thank the National APDA as his Daughter applied, and successfully received, a scholarship.

NWPP made a request to have a combined NWPP and APDA. Host utility to address.

Kevin made a motion to have MS Access or MS office purchased for the Treasurer. M/S/C with the comment that purchased software will be is registered under APDA.

Robert Williams on behalf of APDA attendees thanked Richard Belt, Mike Tongue and PSE for hosting the spring 2002 meeting.

Bob Wesselink extended a thank you to the fine work that Gayle Taylor has been doing on NW APDA web site.

Request made to have updateable on-line company roster. Form to be made enterable on line. Gayle Taylor will have to review.

Richard Belt would like to thank all the sponsors that helped with their meeting. They are:

ABB network management,
Schweitzer Engineering laboratories,
Tesla inc.
Weather Predict
Puget Sound Energy.


Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death
None to report

Reports from Committees
None to report

None to report