2001 Spring Meeting Seattle Washington
Northwest Area APDA
May 18 ­ 20, 2001
Host Utilities Tacoma Power & Seattle City Light

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Wesselink at 3:00 p.m., May 18, 2001. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

**********Northwest Area Officers Present**********

President Bob Wesselink Portland General Electric
Treasurer Ken Sturgeon Seattle City Light
Secretary Robert Williams PacifiCorp

*********APDA Members Present**********

Dave LaCaille TPWR
Richard Belt PSE
Al Gulutzan PPOA
Mark Campbell PSE
Arlen Simon DOPD
Kevin Conway GCPUD
Rod Stuve EWEB
Dale Rey USBR
Steve Holcomb BPA
Loren Troupe SPUD
Bobbie Roberts MPC
Jeanne Cozad BPA
Rich Ellison BPA
Al Johnson BPA
Gayle Taylor AVA
Rip Divis AVA
Dale Hofmann PAC
Randy Roberts PPOA
Gary Hardiman PAC (retired)

Minutes of the fall 2000 Northwest Area Meeting at Spokane were read. Minutes were approved as read with correction to host for spring 2001 meeting, from Seattle City Light to Tacoma Power and Seattle City Light.

Northwest Area Treasurer Report

Bank Account Totals: Beginning Balance $10,603.49
Receipts $5782.26
Disbursements -$556.58
Ending Balance $15,829.17

Report submitted by Ken Sturgeon. It was noted that there are some delinquent dues.
National dues will be paid from the ending balance.


Gail resigned as Log Editor. Not enough time while working through her apprenticeship.
Paul Blaeser of Blaeser Engineering Svcs requested information on APDA membership. I provided that to him. He is slated to make a presentation on map boards at the fall meeting in Calgary.

Report of the President

Bob spoke about the decline in membership over the past couple of years. He recommended that we talk to our companies about the benefits of joining APDA. We should emphasize the value of the technical sessions that are put on during the meetings. Bobbie Roberts suggested that it might be good to bring some them along as guests, to show them the value of the meetings. Al Gulutzan mentioned that we should maintain the quality of the presentations during the technical session. PPOA is planning the fall 2001 meeting around a Mike Treburggen EPRI class held in Calgary. Getting an agenda out early so upper management can see what topics will be covered, will show them the value of sending employees to the meetings. It was noted that the majority of those present at the NWPP meeting were system operators and members of APDA.

Report of the Secretary

We currently have 218 paid up members (15 New) and 238 life members that would like to be on the mailing list.

Report of the Trustee

Nothing to report at this time. Gary Hardiman emphasized the importance of making sure that the Northwest is represented in the National meetings.

Unfinished Business

Arlen Simon asked about belt buckles. Gary Hardiman has three belt buckles that he will make available to those interested in purchasing one.

New Business

Next meeting will be in Calgary. Al Gulutzan provided the members present with information on the meeting along with an agenda for the meeting.

Robert Williams reported that the NW Area web site information is not being kept up.
Gayle Taylor, of AVISTA, volunteered to maintain web site with information. Robert Williams will provide her with updated information for the site.

Al Gulutzan was asked if he would be interested in stepping in as vice-president, filling the vacancy left by Ken Lebedoff's resignation. He will give us an answer after conferring with his management at the Power Pool.

Bobbie Roberts asked for confirmation that the fall 2004 will be hosted by Montana Power. The meeting schedule has been circulated via email and will be posted on the web site as soon as possible. There are no changes to the meeting schedule.

Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death

Sickness Ken Lebedoff is doing much better and has returned to work. He will not be able to continue as vice-president.

For the Good of the Association

There was some discussion about extending the term for the officers. The term for officers was not resolved. Bob Wesselink recommended that we delay nominations until the fall meeting.


The fall meeting will be held in Calgary, Canada hosted by the Power Pool of Alberta.

Thanks to Tacoma Power and Seattle City Light for co-sponsoring the meeting. Special thanks to Dave LaCaille and Ken Sturgeon for the great job that she did in
organizing the meeting. Offer of $500.00 assistance for meeting expenses to the sponsoring utilities. They will report any need of assistance to the officers after tallying the overall expenses.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.