APDA Northwest AreaAPDA Northwest Area Spring Meeting 1997
Host - Sierra Pacific Power Co.
Reno, Nevada

Dates - April 20 - 24, 1997

The meeting was called to order by President Gary Hardiman at 0815. Members and guests were introduced by a standing roll call. Officers Present were:

Gary Hardiman, President

Ron Loomis, Vice President

Wanda Yates, Secretary

Roberta Roberts, Treasurer

Rod Byrnell, National Trustee

The Fall minutes were read and corrected to read: The Fall 1997 meeting will be September 11 - 13. One of our members in New Zealand is Henry Strong.


Correspondence: A letter for National President, James Ford was read regarding the upcoming national meeting hosted by Reedy Creek, Florida. A letter was read from Roberta Roberts tending her resignation as Treasurer due to health problems.


Secretary's Report: We currently have 232 paid members in the Northwest.


Treasurer's Report: The attached report was presented.


President's Report: Concern was expressed over the small attendance at the Fall meetings. We will monitor the attendance and see if any action needs to be taken.


Trustee's Report: The changes to the bylaws were accepted by the membership. A welcome was extended to Power Pool of Alberta, our newest member company. The Spring 1998 meeting will be hosted by British Columbia Hydro.


Unfinished Business: The Life Plaques are with the Northwest Secretary.


New Business: A discussion was held whether to put company names on the name tags. Companies are changing names and merging and people are changing companies. It was decided to leave the badges as they are. The first badge for members is "free," all others are at the members' expense ($5). Magnets can be purchased to replace the pin on the badges. The Secretary will order them and have them on hand.

The Northwest Area would like it to be a matter of record that we comply with FERC Orders 888, 889, 888A and 889A. Our bylaws cover the Code of Conduct in these orders. We are not here to duscuss and exchange sensitive information. The show of support for compliance to these FERC Orders was unanimous. The Northwest National Trustee will report this show of support at the national meeting.

Policies and procedures passed by the Northwest Area have been buried in the minutes of the meetings. The Secretary will research 10 years of minutes and pull out any policies and procedures to be made more readily available. This report should be ready by the Fall meeting.

Accidents, Sickness & Deaths: Jack Hartley of Puget Sound Energy passed away. Henry Max Gailbreth of Chelan Co. passed away. Roy Jaspersen finished his chemotherapy and is doing well.

Nominating Committee: The following roster was purposed, made a motion, seconded and passed for the officers of the Northwest Area:

Ron Loomis, President

Wanda Yates, Vice President

Bob Wesselink, Secretary

Ken Lebedoff, Treasurer

Gary Hardiman, Northwest National Trustee

Good of the Association: It was reiterated that Life members are to be contacted by the Northwest Secretary.

A packet of supplies containing receipts, applications and duties will be sent to each contact person.

Volunteers are needed to be on the WSCC Dispatcher Certification process. If you are interested let Bill Commish of the WSCC know. Even if you don't get on the committee, besure to speak to the committee. Concern was expressed that dispatchers will not be given credit for their existing credentials. There is a need to have consistency across the whole country.

It was felt the NWPP should have a Fall meeting and a Spring meeting. The industry is changing so rapidly that there would be much information to exchange. The NWPP does not go to "small" towns, which is where the Fall meetings are usually held.

Al Peterson of Montana Power will be retiring May 31st. A BBQ will be held. Contact either Al or Bobbie Roberts for details.

Thanks were given to Brad Marcy and Hohn Hughes and their wives for Sierra Pacific for the fine meeting they hosted.