NWAPDA Helpful Hints for Hosting a Meeting

The Northwest Area has 2 meetings each year.

The spring meeting is held in mid May to mid June. Once the spring meeting is scheduled, the Northwest Power Pool should be contacted to see if they want to participate in the meeting or having additional training along with our meeting This is not etched in stone as the Northwest Power Pool has a limited number of cities where they hold meetings.

The fall meeting is normally held sometime between mid-September and mid-October depending on the weather in the hosting city.

All meetings have the potential of being joint meetings with the Southwest area. This may bring twice as many attendees’ and more resources. Contact the Southwest President if you’re interested

All funds should be made payable to the host. The NWAPDA is not set up to accept credit cards but you can certainly get set up on your own. The webmaster can set up online registration forms through our webpage

Most importantly, recruit several of your co-workers for help. Hosting a meeting is time consuming.  Remember to still have a good time and appreciate the effects other hosts have gone through in the past.


Updated-Doug Krust September, 2009 NW Treasurer