Northwest Area APDA
2010 Fall Joint Meeting
Las Vegas, Nevada

October 31 - November 3, 2011
Harrah's Las Vegas
Host NV Energy

***** Northwest Area Officers Present *****
President: Greg Rahn - AESO
Vice President: John Schaffroth -PAC
Secretary: Arlen Simon - DOPD
Treasurer: Chris MCDarment - CHPD
Trustee: Dave Bennett - BC Hydro

***** APDA Members Present *****

Bobbie Roberts - NWE Matt Alling - BPA Eli Juve - BPA
Shelby Burchett - DOPD Gayle Taylor - AVA Eric Johnson - SPPC
Mark Lee - CHPD Ken Noggles - GCPD Quay Lau - BPA
Chris Sanford - BPA Erica Simpson - BC Hydro Neil Molendy - AESO
Dave Kokiw - Fortis BC Richard Webb - AESO Rodney Sweet - BPA

The meeting was held at Harrah’s in Las Vegas October 31st-November 3rd, 2011.  The NW area business meeting was called to order by President Greg Rahn (AESO). Twenty Seven members attended the business meeting.

***** Previous Meeting Minutes *****

Minutes of the Spring 2011 meeting were read by Arlen Simon (DOPD); Bobbie Roberts (NWE), moved to accept the minutes as read and was seconded from the body.


The Committee and President Greg Rahn read correspondence from the recipient of the 2011 Scholarship. Jeff Goodman, FortisBC, daughter Alexis was this year’s recipient. She plans to study Kinesiology as an undergraduate and then go on to University of Alberta to earn a degree in Physiotherapist.

***** Correspondence *****


***** Report of Area Secretary *****


***** Report of Area Treasurer *****

There is Twenty Five Thousand two hundred fifty seven and sixty seven cents in the account. Expenses since the Spring meeting were Eighteen Hundred fifty dollars and sixty two cents.  Deposits since the Spring meeting from Raffle, National Reimbursement and late dues were Nineteen hundred sixty one dollars and forty six cents. Membership totals for the year are three hundred ten. Chris made the balance sheet available to membership, and discussed ensued with the group.

***** Report of Area Trustee *****

Dave Bennett (BCTC) gave a report on the national meetings. The next National meeting is scheduled in Duluth, MN, May 30th through June 1st, 2012. The national Treasurer Reports balance including the Nicholson Scholarship fund and the Paschal Promotional funds of Eighty Four Thousand seven hundred forty eight dollars and eighty seven cents.  

***** Report of Nominating Committee*****

Discussion of the Chairs procession was held.  Dave Bennett nominated Bobbie Roberts to the position of Trustee, motion seconded by Neil Molendyk.  Shelby Burchett motioned Dave Bennett to the Secretary position. Erica Simpson seconded and the position was filled.

***** Report of Area President *****

Greg Rahn led discussion on the NZ Transpower meeting next spring.  And thanked the NV crew for the wonderful meeting.  Thanks were given for Grid Training Solutions and Inc Sys for the simulation training provided and the interesting nuclear presentation on Fukushima in Japan

*****Report from the Vice President*****


***** Report from the Committees *****

Shirt Committee - None

Scholarship Committee – Reminder to be sent out with Dues

Nominating Committee – Bobbie Roberts (NWE) and Dave Bennett (BCTC) facilitated officer’s changes.

***** Unfinished Business *****

Chris McDarment and Arlen Simon are working on the USB project.  The Body motioned and passed an extended limit on the project to three thousand dollars.  

***** New Business *****

Gayle Taylor discussed setting up a webpage with Shirts/promotional product, ect due to the high cost of moving the product through the airlines to the meetings.

***** Report of Accident and Sickness *****


***** Good of the Association *****

Gayle Taylor retired August 31st, 2011 from Avista.  Ken Noggles complemented her on her work on the NW and SW WebPages


“Keep the light on and your feet up on the desk”

Respectfully submitted
Arlen Simon - Treasurer