Northwest Area APDA
2003 Fall Meeting Kelowna, British Columbia, Canda
Sept 24 - 26, 2003
Host Utility: Aquila Networks Canada

The meeting was called to order by President Robert Williams at 07:45, Sept 26, 2003. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

Northwest Area Officers Present

President: Robert Williams - PCW
Vice President: Doug Krust - CPUD
Treasurer: Kevin Conway - GCPUD
Secretary: Al Gulutzan - AESO

APDA Members Present

Ken Nogglles - CHPP
Rod Byrnell - BCTC
Ken Lebedoff - ANC
Don Moore.- ANC
Brett Hallberg - BCTC
Alex Witczak - AESO
Terry Enmark - AESO
Doug Hincks - AESO
Dale Rey - USBR
Shelby Burchett - DCPUD
Paul Scott - DCPUD
Arlen Simon - DCPUD
Bob Wesslink - PGE
Bobbie Roberts - NWE
Richard Belt.- PSE
Ron Loomis - Avista
Garry McGregor - PSE
Dean Pozzo - ANC
Ken Gelsinger - ANC
Ken Bishop - BCTC
Bert Crockett - ANC
Rick Krumpeck - BPA
Pat McCormick - SMUD
Mick Bucy - BCTC


Minutes of the Fall 2002 Northwest Area Meeting held in Spokane were read.

Doug Simpson and Jim Edgar were listed as being from BCH. Should be AESO.
Minutes m/s/c


None to report

Report of the President:

Reports of Vice President:

None to report.

Report of the Treasurer:

Report submitted as of Sept 26 2004 and read by Kevin Conway
Report m/s/c.

Report of the Secretary:

Membership as per APDA database.
Regular Members ­ xx
Life Members ­ xx
Associate Members xx
New Members-xx

Report of the Vice president:

Question asked about ordering of new and replacement name tags . Doug Krust is the contact and he will order name tags when requested.

Report of the Trustee:

Report read by Bob Wesslink
Question was asked regarding NERC training in the aftermath of the NE blackout. Nothing was discussed at the National regarding this issue but the opinion is that NERC certification would be enhanced and not reduced.

Unfinished Business:

None to report

Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death:

Bob Miller passed away last spring. A moment of silence was observed.
Gerry Lilly (retired) is battling pancreatic cancer and is doing well.

Reports from Committees:

Nominations committee nominated the following:

Al Gulutzan for President
Robert Williams for Vice president
Doug Krust for secretary
Kevin Conway for treasurer
Bob Wesslink national trustee
Nominations m/s/c

New Business:

Nick Michleson scholarship fund. Suggestion was made at the national meeting to empower the national executive and trustees to re-invest funds of about $50,000.00 in order to be able to sustain the $2,000.00 per annum scholarship. Concern was that fund will run out a s current return on investment is only about 2%.

Motion to allow National executive to reinvest-m/s/c

Discussions regarding our turn to field National executives commencing spring 2005.

Motion made to proceed with fielding national executive . m/s/c.
Bob Wesslink to draft and send letter to National APDA to inform them of our decision.

Nominations Committee to look at filling National executive positions. Will be discussed at spring 2004 meeting.

Good of the membership:

None to report


Next meeting slated to be held in Reno, Nevada.
Hosts will be Sierra Pacific.
Rotations committee to confirm this.