Northwest Area APDA
2002 Spring Meeting Seattle, Washington

SEP 18 _ 20, 2002
Host Utility Grant County P.U.D. and BPA-MCC

The meeting was called to order by President Robert Williams at 07:30 ap.m., Sept 19, 2002. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

****Northwest Area Officers Present****

President: Robert Williams-PCW
Treasurer: Kevin Conway-GCPUD
Secretary: Al Gulutzan-PPOA

****APDA Members Present****

Rich Ellison BPA
Richard Belt PSE
Ken Lebedoff Aquila.
Bobby Roberts NEW
Michael Smith CHPD
Arlen Simon DOPD
Paul Scott. DOPD
Ken Noggles GCPUD
Pam Secord BPA
Dale Rey USBR-GC
Doug Krust CHPD
Mark Campbell PSE



Minutes of the Spring 2002 Northwest Area Meeting held in Seattle were read.
No changes or corrections. M/S/C


Ken Sturgeon regretfully resigned as Vice President NWAPDA,. SCL,, as a group,, did not Pay pay dues for 2002. All members are now inactive.

Report of the President:

none to report

Report of the Treasurer:

Report read by Kevin Conway and approved as read.

Report of the Secretary:

Current Paid Members ­ 239
Life Members - 258
Total - 497 per the database. This was miss mis-reported last year due to missing data in the database.
Currently in the process of updating the new addresses for life members.

Report of the Trustee:

Nothing to report as Bob Wesselink is currently attending the national meeting in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

Unfinished Business:

Motion made to increase Canadian dues increased to $40.00(CDN) for regular members and $43.00(CDN) for new members. M/S/C.
Robert Williams to contact Kevin Lloyd regarding the purchase and sale of APDA memorabilia.

New Business:

Suggestion made to have the banquet on the first day of the tech session as it was felt that this should be a guideline for future meetings.

Committee consisting of Doug Krust and Kevin Conway to review meeting rotation groupings in regards to co-hosts. It was felt that current co-host groupings need to be revisited.

Motion made to nominate Doug Krust for the vacant position of vice president. M/S/C

Spring meeting tentative May 08,2003 to avoid conflict with Canadian holiday.

Special thanks to:

Grant County P.U.D. and BPA-MCC
Avista energy
Aquila Energy Marketing
Round-the-Clock Systems

Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death

Jesse Howard Ridge WKPL passed away on Dec 13,2001
Francis McDougall WKPL passed away last Dec, 2001.
Klara Nicholson, wife of Guenther Nicholson was killed in a car accident June 10, 2002.
Roland Edwards passed away on March 31,2001.
A moment of silence was observed for those who have passed.

Reports from Committees

None to report


None to report

Kevin Conway and Grant County were offered the usual contribution towards expenses for the meeting.