Northwest Area APDA
2001 Fall Meeting Calgary, Canada

September 27 ­ 30, 2001
Host Utilities Power Pool of Alberta & ATCO Electric

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Wesselink at 2:30 p.m., September 28, 2001. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

**********Northwest Area Officers Present**********

President Bob Wesselink Portland General Electric
Treasurer Ken Sturgeon Seattle City Light
Secretary Robert Williams PacifiCorp

**********APDA Members Present**********

Steve Holcomb BPA
Jim McIntosh BPA
Al Johnson BPA
Al Orona BPA
Don Slater BPA
Richard Rod BPA
Ron Roy CHPD
Chris McDarment CHPD
Mike Tongue PSE
Richard Belt PSE
Peter Gibson PPOA
Don Adair PPOA
Terry Enmark PPOA
Doug Hincks PPOA
Al Gulutzan PPOA
Ivan Douchette PPOA
Lane Belsher PPOA
Don Olson PPOA
Jim Edgar PPOA
Steve Waller PPOA
Owen Craig PPOA
Jerry Mossing PPOA
Jack Kelly PPOA
Ralph Gruendel PPOA
Ken Gardner PPOA
Murray Mueller TAU
Howard Shanks Saskpower
Neil Wirtz Saskpower
Doug Balkwill Saskpower
Darrell Kammermayer Saskpower
Wendell Klassen Saskpower Mkt.
Dean Jones Saskpower Mkt.
Dennis Slade Saskpower Mkt.
Doug Shaw ATCO
Dave Hall ATCO
Bob Thompson ATCO
Bill Soldan ATCO
Al Robert ATCO
Mike Bucy BCH
Tyler Seminuk Enron
Jason Murray PowerEx
Kim Knoll PowerEx
Mike Corrigan PowerEx
Kevin Conway GCPUD
Bobbie Roberts MPC
Don Splinter Wis. Elec.

Minutes of the spring 2001 Northwest Area Meeting held in Seattle were read. Corrections made to minutes included changing Gail to Celeste Maloy resigning as Log Editor and adding ATCO Electric as a sponsor along with the Power Pool of Alberta for the fall 2001 meeting. The minutes were approved with the necessary corrections.


Robert Williams received an email from Neil Curtis requesting information about joining the NW Area APDA. Don Adair confirmed that he has signed up as a member.

Bob Duncan, APDA Ambassador at Large emailed me, thanking us for keeping him on our mailing list and asking that we use email for future mailings.

Report of the President

Bob announced that Brent Roholt has completed steps to establish a NW Area APDA
web site at an annual cost of $15.00. He has reimbursed Brent and will request repayment from the treasury. Bob stated that the site would be good for posting the Bylaws, APDA applications, meeting notices and agendas along with other information of interest to the membership. Any request for additions or changes to the web site should be sent to Gail Taylor of Avista Energy or Robert Williams. Richard Belt was encouraged to submit information for the spring meeting, to be sponsored by Puget Sound Energy, to Gail for posting on the site.

Report of the Secretary

Nothing to report.

Report of the Trustee

Wanda did not attend the national spring meeting. Bob Wesselink will attend the next meeting.

Unfinished Business

Kevin Conway mentioned that Grant County and Hanford were slated to host the fall 2002 meeting. He asked, if Hanford was still participating in APDA, so he might solicit their co-sponsorship. Ron Roy of Chelan offered to help with the sponsorship, if it was needed.

New Business

Richard Belt of Puget announced that the spring 2002 NW Area APDA meeting will be held in Seattle, May 16 ­ 18, 2002. He noted that this fall meeting was very well supported and urges everyone to support the spring 2002 meeting. Richard was encouraged to make sure that information for the meeting be posted on the NW Area site as soon as possible.

Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death

Death Jack Jensen sent an email informing the
membership that Mike Oshe, a former
Washington Water Power and Snohomish
PUD employee passed away during the week of September 18, 2001. A moment of silence was observed for our passed member and for those lost in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

Reports from Committees

Ron Roy and Bobbie Roberts, of the Nominating Committee, announced the nominees for NW Area officers. They were Robert Williams, President, Ken Sturgeon, Vice President, and Alan Gulutzan, Secretary. Kevin Conway was nominated for Treasurer. He accepted the nomination. The nominations were seconded by Chris McDarment of Chelan and carried unanimously. The current officers will help with the transition of responsibilities to the new officers.


The spring 2002 meeting will be held in Seattle, Washington, May 16 ­ 18, hosted by Puget Sound Energy.

Thanks to the Power Pool of Alberta and ATCO Electric for sponsoring the meeting. Special thanks to Tesla Inc., Candela Energy Corporation, Aquila Capital and Trade, TransCanada Power, PowerEx Corporation, SaskPower, Enron Canada Corporation and ABB Network Management for graciously sponsoring various portions of our APDA convention in many ways.