2000 Fall Meeting Spokane, WA
Northwest Area APDA

October 13 ­ 14, 2000
Host Utility Bonneville Power Administration

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Wesselink at 4:00 p.m. October 13, 2000. Officers and members were introduced by standing roll call.

**********Northwest Area Officers Present**********

President Bob Wesselink Portland General Electric
Secretary Robert Williams PacifiCorp
Treasurer Ken Sturgeon Seattle City Light
National Trustee Wanda Yates Bonneville Power Admistration



*********APDA Members Present**********

Kevin Potts NW AVISTA
Bobbie Roberts NW Montana Power Co.
Ron Roy NW Chelan County PUD
Ron Loomis NW AVISTA
Kevin Conway NW Grant County PUD
Paul J. Scott NW Douglas County PUD
Doug Krust NW Chelan County PUD
Neil Molendyk NW Power Pool of Alberta
Lane Belsher NW Power Pool of Alberta
David Dutton NW EWEB




Minutes of the spring 2000 Northwest Area Meeting at Vancouver were read. There was some discussion about when the Power Pool of Alberta intended to host a meeting. Seattle City Light is slated to host the spring 2001 meeting, according to the schedule.
Bob Wesselink will contact Don Adaire, of the Power Pool of Alberta, to get clarification on whether they would like to host the spring meeting or the fall meeting. Minutes were approved with the necessary corrections.

Northwest Area Treasurer Report

Bank Account Totals: Beginning Balance $13,644.93
Receipts $1,338.01
Disbursements $4,379.45
Ending Balance $10,603.49

Report submitted by Robert Williams. Report is attached. It was noted that there are some delinquent dues. It was announced that all utilities in the US and Canada will need to send their dues and rosters to the Northwest Area Treasurer, Ken Sturgeon.
The portion of the dues that go to the National APDA received following the spring meeting will be tallied and sent within the next two weeks.


An email was received from Kimberly Fogt of AEP requesting membership application for their marketing group. I forwarded them to her and have received dues for four applicants. They signed up as regular members, stating that they were former dispatchers.

Report of the President

Nothing to report

Report of the Secretary

Name tags for new members will be ordered within the next week. We have six plaques available for retirees.

Report of the Trustee

Wanda Yates will be attending the National meeting in Tucson. She will need some financial assistance to defray the cost of the trip. She will submit a formal request to treasurer, Ken Sturgeon at a later date.

Report of Committees

Nothing to report

Unfinished Business

Bob Wesselink to contact Don Adair of Alberta Power Pool about dues concerns.
There is also a question about which entity will be hosting the spring 2001 meeting.
will it be SCL or Alberta Power Pool. Bob will also send out the meeting rotation
lists. Motion made by Wanda Yates that officers be charged with finding out more
about a web site. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Robin Podmore
graciously sponsored the hospitality room at a cost of $500.00. We will extend a note
of gratitude to him via email.

New Business

A new signing card will need to be completed adding Ken Sturgeon as one of the signers on the checking account. Bob Wesselink assigned Robert Williams to take of the change in signers on the account..

Reports of Accidents, Sickness and Death

Sickness Ken Lebedoff
Recovering from an auto accident. Ken wrote saying that he had a setback and would not be attending this meeting. He has returned to limited duty.

Deceased Pat Williams, a long time member, past Northwest and
National APDA officer. Pat worked for Tacoma Power.

Deceased Edward Butchino a retired PacifiCorp employee passed on.

President Bob Wesselink called for a moment of silence to honor the passing of our
beloved associates. We will miss them.

For the Good of the Association

President Bob Wesselink requested volunteers for the nomination committee. Wanda Yates, Bobbie Roberts and Ron Roy volunteered and were appointed to the committee.


President, Bob Wesselink thanked AVISTA's Kevin Potts for the great job in hosting
the meeting. The members echoed the thanks. Financial assistance was offered to help with expenses. Kevin respectfully declined.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.