To all Northwest APDA contact people:

Dues are due by January 1st each year.

As of 9/22/2006 all NW area member dues are now only $20 (US and CDN both) the cost for new members is now only $22. The additional $2 is to offset the costs of a name tag. These reduced rates were voted in at the fall 2006 meeting in Denver, by the members in attendance.

Notice: At the Fall 2009 meeting is was voted to add a $5 late fee to all dues received after the Spring meeting of that year.

All contact people are responsible for issuing receipts to your members. Receipts can be found in the forms section of this webpage

 Please use the "APDA Yearly Membership Dues List Form" located under downloadable forms. Please mail the completed spreadsheet along with one check made out for the total amount and mail to: "Northwest APDA Treasurer"

Shelby Burchett
NW APDA Treasurer
PO Box 615
Chelan, WA 98816

It is important to save a copy for your records. Area contact people are responsible for supplying receipts to your members and your companies.

Name Tag Order Forms

Please use the new "Name Tag Order Form", located on the webpage, when placing an order for name tags and life member plaques. Please e-mail it to Shelby Burchett

Please include a complete roster that has the regular and associate members on one form and a separate form for life members with current addresses. It is necessary to have the receipts and rosters to the NW treasurer on time. The roster is used to balance the accounting and update the next LOG.

If you need additional receipt books, other supplies or have any questions please feel free to contact me at Gayle Taylor has placed these documents on the web site at

Sincerely Yours,

Shelby Burchett
NW APDA Treasurer
Douglas County PUD

May 14,2015